vomarbA = Abramov

Viacheslav Abramov Design&Photo

Who I Am

Art Director
Graphic Designer

Art consultant
UI/ GUI Designer
Product Developer

What I can do for you

Web/ Ui/ Identity Design & other

Graphic Design

Product Development
Branding & Copywriting
Art Direction & Visual Design
Interaction Design & Prototyping
Front-end Development
Back-end Development
Logo & Other graphic design

Media planning and promotional services in Ukraine and beyond

Сostumers consulting

Write to me with any questions or suggestions


Project description: Virli are - viruses, Logo & Corporative identity, Art direction, Support
Project Target: Create a web resource for branding and research viral video.
Project link: virli.mysimple.name/
Project description: Style, Business card, Support, Photos, Art direction
Project Target: Purpose to create something pragmatic and simple but at the same time catchy and private
Project link: naumenco.com

Project description: Things for the soul / Вещи для дУши
Project Target: Create nice catalog of jewelry
Project link: vooho.com.ua


Project description: GPay/ Payment system/ Logo/ Web/ Style/ Refill cards/
Project Target: Create a utilitarian simple and accessible interface
Project link: www.behance.net/gallery/GPay-Payment-system-Logo-Web-Style-Refill-cards/7484487


Project description: Various photos from different times/ Bronica/ SQ-AI/ PS 45, 110, 250
Project Target: Hobby
Project link: 500px.com/Abramov

Project description: Web for Krainev International Competition
Project Target: Create conceptual Website
Project link: krainev.com